Terms and Conditions

Booking an apartment – free of charge for one night. Pre-payment is included in the total amount and is deducted in the final calculation. If you do not come, the prepayment is not refunded. Booking dates are not transferred. On the day of arrival, you must pay the entire booked period of residence (excluding prepayments). Replacing apartment is only on the next day (subject to availability of apartments).

Booking advisable to exercise for 7-15 days prior to arrival.
If you do not make a down payment (reservation), we can offer you apartments that will be free on the day of your arrival (subject to availability of apartments). In this case, enter in contact with us on the day of arrival.

Concrete apartment available for reservation from 4-7 nights and more. Orders placed for 1-3 nights on arrival in free apartments. In this case, enter in contact with us on the day of arrival or the day before arrival. We also consider your bookings for less than 4 days of residence subject to dock your order with another order for a specific apartment dates of residence.

How to book an apartment?

Please fill in the order form (see below), or simply email us.

Be sure to include the following information:

  • apartment number on the website (ie, its ID)
  • How many people will be living in an apartment
  • enter arrival and departure dates

Within 24 hours, you will receive a confirmation for booking. After you receive the confirmation of your reservation, you can make an advance payment of rent for one night in the apartment. We put a temporary reservation for your chosen apartment for 48 hours after receipt of your order, during which time you must make a prepayment. If the apartment you have chosen the site is not free for your dates of stay in Kiev, we will offer other apartments.

Your order shall come into force after the payment for one night rental apartments. Once we receive payment, we will send you a letter of receipt of the booking confirmation. We guarantee accommodation in an apartment you booked, at the specified date.

Replacing apartment is only in extreme cases (big accident plumbing or electricity transmission apartments for rent for long term). In this case, the apartment is replaced with the same or more expensive apartment, with no change in price.

How to Pay?

Please see the main menu “Payment methods”.

What is included in the price?

  • rent the entire apartment, not a single bed;
  • bedding and kitchen utensils, towels, local telephone;
  • apartment cleaning, change of bedding and towels once a week, at a convenient time for you;

You may be rejected in the apartment without refund payment if the number of people who lived on the apartment exceeds the number of beds, and you were not informed of this in advance.

What time of the settlement and release of an apartment?

Check in at 13:00, the release at 12:00. If we can, we always allow early check in or late check-out of the apartment. If you want to advance to secure early check in or late check out of the apartment, you have to pay one night later.

Receipts and vouchers

After checking into the apartment we give report documents: A contract of lease, the state registration certificate, certificate of tax payment receipts and checks. If necessary, we can prepare and other documents, which are necessary for the financial statements for your expenditures, including the transfer.


Not all apartments Pets are allowed. If you want to stay in our apartments with your pets, you need to notify us and get a special permit. If you are not authorized for Pets, your order may be canceled. In this case, the deposit will not be returned.